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knowing your Passion,Talent and Skill.

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Firstly, we need to differentiate these 3 terminologies

1) Passion – Your passion is your driving force, your constant push. For example someone who has a passion for singing always have the drive to sing in almost all situations, when you’re sad, you sing, when you’re alone you sing. your passion in not visible it is an internal feeling that most of your actions voluntarily or involuntarily revolves around. It is a great powerful Emotion that triggers your actions

2) Talent – You Talent is something you can naturally do without stress and with little or no supervision. Every man is born with a talent. Some people’s Talent are easily noticed, others take time to manifest but EVERY MAN/WOMAN IS BORN WITH A TALENT your talent can be singing, marketing, counseling, acting, drawing… Just something you are naturally good at and need little or no Training to do it.

3) Skill- Skill is not inbuilt or born with. Your skill is Developed. Skill is acquired, skill is Learnt. skill is the Capacity to do something well; it’s a technique or ability. Skills are usually acquired or learned, as opposed to talents, which you are born with.

Knowing your Passion, Talent and skill

1) Passion: As earlier said, your passion is your driving force. Most times you do things involuntarily as a result of your passion driving you. There are some pointers to look at when discovering your passion. The most important pointer is “Look back to your childhood”. Research has shown that humans show their true nature from the ages of 6 – 13 years. Here they are still innocent, and are not aware of societal norms. They show their true way of life but as they grow they are directed along the societal way of life. therefore look back to when you were within this age range. what did you want to be in future? What was your best game? Whenever Mummy asked what you want if you carry first, did you ask for a ball (shows sports inclined passion) or did you ask for a guitar (music inclined) when playing with your mates? did you play the role of the doctor or the cook? Did you want to save lives and get excited at the sight of blood (medically inclined passion)? Did you always want to teach people the little you’ve learnt? When you had your small piggy bank what were you saving money for? When Dad asks where you want to go do you choose the game room or the eatery? In your Early Teenage days what did you do with the money given to you because majority of the times we use our money as directed by our Internal driving force (passion)?

Now examine yourself what drives you? What do you love doing, what gives you Joy the most? what do you spend your money mostly on?

All this should give you a clearer image of what drives you – Your passion.

2) Talent – Remember we previously established that your Talent is something you can do naturally and painstakingly so ask yourself, what is that thing I find myself doing a lot and doing well without anyone teaching me? What is that thing I’ve been doing since when I was young and people always applauded? Some children will just walk up to a DVD player when their mates are playing with sand, dismantle the DVD and rearrange it with no adult help, as time goes on that Child starts repairing fans, Electronics but no one taught him, it’s a gift it’s his Talent.
There are some people (Like me) you come to them with Problems, majority of the time they have never experienced such a Problem but they always have a way of counseling you even if not professionally but they’ll be able to give you soothing Advice, These are natural consultants, it’s their Talent.
Some others since when they were little always like to act the part of narrator in a school play, they are outspoken and good debaters, as they grow they become fond of podiums and stages and always like speaking at occasions, these ones deal with stage fright easily like it’s nothing, these set of people become anchors, MCs, Motivational Speakers, politicians ETC. They can talk like it’s nothing talking is their Talent.

So ask yourself what is it that I Know I do very well and when I look back I know that no one really taught me. You can have more than one talent. Talent is a gift from God and will always be noticed so if you have been doing something Since, it has been giving you stress and no one has acknowledged you, rethink!!! It might just not be your talent.

3) Skill – It is not inbuilt, it is learnt. So if you what a skill, look for a human resource management company or skill Acquisition program I recommend BOSS Group to help you with this. They are the best human resource management and development company around. Book a session with us today!!! To book a session click HERE

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