OUR IDEology


Our vision is to be a world known and recognized Organization where talents are harnessed and quality services rendered.


In Built On Self Success (BOSS) Group, Our mission is to help discover, groom and harness talent to treasures and passion to profit at the same time rendering the best of services from the best of hands.

Aims And Objectives

D – Discover: We help individuals discover their talents. H – Harness: We harness these talents into marketable skill set. S – Support: We support our members in achieving their dreams. C – Connect: We help connect members to potential clients and organizations that will help them get established in their field. F – Finance: We render financial support to our members. R – Render: We render quality services to our clients rendered by the best trained and trusted hands and assure our clients of 100% customer satisfaction.


Human Resource Management and Development

We primarily render Human Resource management and Development services which include business planning, life coaching, mentorship, skill acquisition, leadership and vocational trainings and Empowerment programs.

Professional Trainings

We pick devoted members who have undergone trainings and verification and further train them with business ethics. we offer Professional Trainings in Various fields depending on the need of our client.

Job Finding and All Service Rendering Agency

We serve as a job finding and service rendering agency getting jobs for our members and offering our clients the best assured quality services offered by the best hands trusted to render the best of services.

Our team

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What our clients say

Since I Joined BOSS Group I've greatly built my talent in Anchoring and Tv Presentation. They have trained, directed and connected me on the path of my dream. Now I'm on Tv and I'm even training People. Thank You BOSS Group

Mr Epic
Tv Presenter

I've always been lost on what to do with my life and how to go about it. I had dreams, Big dreams but no plan or skill. I enrolled for BOSS Business Development Kit and BOSS Self Development Kit which has really helped me. Today I have about 3 professional skills which I plan on using to start up my own business Soon. Thanks BOSS Group

Akalonu Michelle

I started My business and for over 6 months there was no visible progress, I heard of BOSS Business Development Kit which I subscribed to. BOSS Group helped me draft business plan, get my logo and brand my company. Their Business Consultancy birthed a working business and marketing plan which when implemented started yielding profit for my business in less than 2 months 

Mr Alele
ICT Entrepreneur

I once got a big contract to organize the wedding anniversary for some big clients. At that time, I was restructuring my business and as such most of my workers were on leave. I was confused because i didn't know how i'll start getting hands to help in such a short time. My friend told me that BOSS Group has stand by professional Service men/women that are skilled in all areas. I contacted them and to my greatest surprise they handled everything from graphics to photography to MC an DJ. Infact they had everything. I was able to save my face and retain this big client because of BOSS Group. Thank You BOSS Group

Event Planner/Model

Who we are

We are a group of skilled, passionate and goal-driven entrepreneurs who want to help individuals reach their full potential at the same time rendering the best of quality Service to all our clients. We are diverse in our skill set and have the following areas of operation:

  • BOSS Resources (Human Resource management, Business Development and consultancy Services)
  • BOSS Technology (All ICT related Services)
  • BOSS Media and Entertainment
  • BOSS Fashion (All Fashion related services)
  • BOSS Events (Event planning, budgeting and management)
Business Consultancy and Development
ICT Services
Entertainment and Media Services
Human Resource Management and Development


About us

Built On Self Success Group popularly known as BOSS Group is a dynamic human resource management, development and marketing agency focused on helping individuals discover their hidden potential, harness them into talents, train them into skills and develop this skill to be sellable in the labor market.
This is the Primary and our most paramount objective. We achieve this by organizing mentorship programs, leadership forums, public enlightenment, empowerment programs, vocational and leadership trainings, life coaching and strategic business planning. Our major agenda is to discover a generation of successful leader. We want to scout for raw talents, give proper orientation and business ethics to our members and prepare them aright to take on the labor market. We want to revolutionize the way services are rendered and offer a more sophisticated and productive way of service rendering. Our target audience is the Nigerian Economy.
Our Secondary objective involves helping our members market their skills. We have various departments that covers across various skills. After training, we act as a job agency sourcing for jobs for our members who are well trained and skilled to perform. We want to build a system where our customers/clients can find all the services they need in one place and be 100% assured of receiving quality services without necessarily knowing the individual rendering the service, at the same time helping our members get jobs, gain experience and get richer by doing what they naturally love doing.
Built On Self Success Group is a duly Registered comoany with RC number RC:1528152 and was founded on the 4th of July 2016. It is the idea of the founder Mr Owums Francis Chimaobim and 4 other Co-founder/ Directors. BOSS Group has greatly expanded in these years with five departments and three branches Nationwide.

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